Like a Cork in the Water

     I often feel like a cork bobbing in the water.  At times I get pushed down under the water, but I always pop back up to the surface.  
     I’m at a crossroads right now.  For the past six years, I have worked in a corporate law department at a company.  
    Since September of last year, however, I’ve been on medical leave, sidelined by anxiety and depression.  
      I’m writing this blog to shed light on depression by writing about my experiences.   
      I’ve been coping with depression since I was 17.   It seems to come and go, but during stressful periods, it flares up.   It’s a black hole of despair that opens up and swallows me whole. 
       Working in a dysfunctional environment took its toll on me.  I fell like shards of glass, scattered across the floor.
          Perhaps my blog will help bring about a better understanding of depression.  Perhaps by reading about my struggles, other people will not feel so alone in their own.   



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