The Missing Years Part 3: The One

And all I ever needed was the one
Like freedom fields where wild horses run
When stars collide like you and I
No shadows block the sun
You’re all I’ve ever needed
Baby you’re the one*

Stupid me still went on to divorce Billy in 1991, but we kept in touch. What a patient man he was, waiting for me to come back to my senses while I had the adolescence I had missed when I was a teenager. 
In 1992, we got sued by the woman who had bought our house in New Kent.  It was a stupid case but we had to defend it.  We hired our friend Allan who happened to be a darn good litigator.
Billy and I sat together during the trial.  You might have to be a lawyer to appreciate this, but we got a directed verdict.  That means we did not have to put any witnesses on the stand or even present a defense.  Allan used the plaintiff’s own witnesses to destroy the her case through a simple, yet brilliant cross examination. 
Sitting next to Billy, realized how much I still loved him.  I also realized—finally–that it doesn’t matter what a person does for a living.  What matters is whether you love him and he loves you.   This man had stood by my side during my darkest time, even though we were no longer together as a couple.  When you have something that special and unique, you don’t throw it away.  
Thank goodness he took me back.  Perhaps it was because I still had great boobs back then.   Just kidding.  What’s even more amazing is that his family welcomed me back also.  They saw how much I had hurt Billy and they were understandably concerned that I would hurt him again. 
We got married a second time.  We keep that wedding date a secret and we celebrate our anniversary on our original wedding date, May 25.  
I got pregnant with our first child soon afterwards.  We have never hidden the Missing Years from our children; in fact I made a scrapbook about that time.  They don’t seem the least bit interested, however.  It happened before they were born, so as far as they are concerned, it’s irrelevant.   After all, the world starts when you are born. 
We made it through the Missing Years.  I think my current situation is just as bad, but Billy thinks the Missing Years were far worse.   One thing I know for sure is that this period will end and life will get better.   

* The One, lyrics by Bernie Taupin

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