Non-New Year’s Resolutions I won’t mind keeping

new year

I hate New Year’s resolutions.  In fact, I hate them so much that in 54 years, I’ve never made a single one.  Why?

First, what’s so special about the new year anyway?  If there are things that need to be changed, they need to be changed at any time, not just in the new year.  I’ve found that I’ve been most successful at making changes on the sly, like after coming back from a vacation.  Or after getting really hung over.  That could happen after a New Year’s party, but not necessarily.   For me, that can happen at any time of year.

Second, and more importantly, resolutions are just a set up for failure. I figure if I don’t keep them, I’ll feel guilty, so why make them in the first place?

With that in mind, I’ve come up with five resolutions that I won’t mind trying to keep.    These resolutions also dovetail with my strategies to kick depression’s concrete blanket off my chest.


These boots were made for walking– and for feeling fierce


5.  Wear boots that make me feel good.   I bought the brown boots shown above at DSW, and when I wear them, I feel fierce!   I feel sexy and strong when I wear them.  And cool.  I definitely feel cool.


4.   Laugh as much as possible.  This one will be easy to keep.  I love to laugh.  I have discovered two facebook friends, both women I knew at my last job, but didn’t know well, who are extremely funny.  Their posts always make me LOL.  They are Charonn M. and Jenni E.  Thanks, ladies, for being such good wits!

3.  Remember that retirement is right around the corner.  I have to admit, this one freaks me out a little.  How did this happen?  It seems like just yesterday, I was starting my career and retirement seemed such a long way off.   Now, my financial planner has mapped out a retirement plan for me.  According to Fidelity, I’m going to live until I’m about 95.  That’s a long retirement.  I hope to stay active and enjoy it as long as possible.


2.   Keep ticking items off my bucket list.  When exactly is a person supposed to start doing the things on his or her bucket list?  Are we supposed to wait until we know we are going to die?  But most of us don’t know when we are going to die.  That leads me to the conclusion that the time to start is now.  Christmas at the Biltmore was on my list.  Check.  Visit England.   My first trip is  scheduled for next May. In process.  Meet Elton John in person.  That one will take some creativity.  Still working on that.

1.  Let the good times roll, and let the bad times roll off my back.  When I was much, much younger, I thought that if I was a good person, bad things would never happen to me.  How foolish of me.  Then I read The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck. The first line of the book says:  “Life is difficult.” That was a relevation to me.  It’s a fact of life, and sometimes, life sucks.  Life is supposed to be difficult.  As the author says, life gets its meaning from confronting and solving problems.   All the more reason to enjoy the good things that happen and remember that bad things happen too.   Got that, Erin?

What are some of your non-resolutions?  Please comment below.  And feel free to share this.

2 thoughts on “Non-New Year’s Resolutions I won’t mind keeping

  1. My goal for 2015 is to accomplish the goals of 2014 which I should have done in 2013 because I made a promise in 2012 which I planned on keeping back in 2011. (not mine, but can’t read who wrote it, LOL). I don’t do resolutions either, really. But I sure do like yours!


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