My Renaissance Career

angelousI don’t want this life anymore
Truth be told
I never wanted the picket fence
Or the station wagon
Why did I settle for
The path of least resistance?
Was I lazy or
Was it just expedience?

From the inside looking out I’m
Still nineteen
I’m quick and taut and free and thin
My body still takes flight
No wrinkles weigh me down
When did my maturation begin?
How did I not see
My gray hair and double chin?

Is there still some time left for a
A new career before I’m too old
When I begin again
This time I won’t settle
The steps I will take will be bold
No hesitation
No ling’ring outside the hold

(c)2015 Renata Manzo

3 thoughts on “My Renaissance Career

  1. I may be old and I may be gray
    but I wouldn’t trade a single day.
    God demonstrated patience when he looked down at me
    and now I have wisdom, so much more than I had at twenty-three.
    My life has been quite colorful; full of ups and downs along the way
    Fortunately, I have learned something from each and every day.
    And now it is my turn to share with others you see
    because God cared enough to give His Grace to me.


  2. Yes, there is still time for your Renaissance! For me, however, I’m just tired, but I still have my dreams. I can identify with this piece!


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