Ten Ways Dogs are Easier than Kids

Please, no hate mail.  I love my kids and wouldn’t trade them for anything.  This is tongue-in-cheek.

10359036_10203014611150683_4927391100316926774_oBut sometimes, you think– what if I only had dogs?  Here’s some ways dogs are easier than kids.

    1. They don’t have wild parties when you are away for the weekend.
    1. They don’t go to college (no college tuition to pay).
    1. They don’t insist on shopping for clothes at Saks while you shop at Target.
    1. They don’t mysteriously “lose” the spare tire in the car you bought them.
    1. They never ask you to make a Lion King costume at the last minute.
    1. They aren’t embarrassed to be seen with you in public.
    2. They don’t care what music you play on the radio.
    1. They’re always happy to see you.
    1. They don’t leave stretch marks.
    1. They never talk back!

On the other hand, Guido was pretty cute. His rendition of “Muffin Man” is still being talked about at Westhampton Day School.

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