Only the Good Die Young

They say the good die young
I guess that must be true
My heart keeps on beating
Though I don’t want it to
Sweet friends they went too early
The teacher and the vet
I dine on desperation
Why cannot I go next?
A bridge so high, so far to fall
Paul’s death a certainty
One step was all it took for him
To find eternity
I don’t know why God holds me here
The reason’s kept from me
My heart continues beating
My soul begs to be free
My mother left me twice
It’s more than I can bear
My siblings joined her cause this time
And turned around their chairs
Bartleby you got it right
To die is just to sleep
Lie me down and let me go
My bed the harsh concrete
A gun’s too loud
Pills too unsure
Perhaps I’ll use the car
Overpass or traffic light
Which one shall I prefer?
Don’t call me coward, that’s not fair
You don’t know pain like this
You cannot know what it feels like
To wear a granite vest
Who would even notice?
With time, each mem’ry fades
The living go on living
The dead they just decay
What would I do if I were you
And you beseeching me
Would I call for help
to come at once
Or leave and let you be?

2 thoughts on “Only the Good Die Young

  1. My mom once spoke of suicide as cowardly and cruel. I had to explain to her what the suicidal mind is like. The person is rewired in a way we just can’t blame them. So hard. So hard. We can each just do the little we can to move the needle up toward wellness, dropping small kindnesses along the way.


  2. My heart aches, because I I know you are kindhearted, full of compassion and love. This is why it hurts so badly when others are unkind to you. My daughter sent me a quote last night, which I want to share with you. I do not know where it came from, but hopefully it will help you through the darkness. “If you’re going through it, just know it is called ‘going through it’. You are not gonna get stuck there, you’re not going to die. You will survive. If God brought you to it, He will bring you through it.”


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