A Reserved Parking Space does not mean your poop doesn’t stink

VIP Parking

The rich man can ride
And the hobo he can drown

Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
lyrics by B. Taupin
(c) 1972 Dick James Music Limited

Way back in the Dark Ages when I graduated from law school (1986), I first learned about parking space envy.  I had no idea a flat space lined with concrete could be such a status symbol.   I came to realize that it’s not the size that matters, but the location.
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Winter in the City (gives me the blues)


Winter is much easier to take when I’m hiking on the trail.

At the corner
Of Three Chopt and Wright
The traffic rushed past me
As I waited for the light
I’m on the way to work
It seems I was just here
Waiting for the light to change
Was that yesterday?
My life’s an endless circle
The scenery’s the same
The traffic light the only thing
That ever seems to change
Yet even it
Repeats itself
The weather cycles too
From winter to winter and then
While I sit here looking upward
The sun shines through again

Crazy Things My Dad used to Say


And sooner or later
Everybody’s kingdom must end
And I’m so afraid your courtiers
Cannot be called best friends

 The King Must Die, lyrics by B. Taupin
(c) 1969 Dick James Music, Inc.

In earlier posts, I have discussed the causes of depression.   Research indicates that at least one cause of depression is physical.  At the same time, depression is a complex illness and can also be caused by environmental factors such as abuse, conflict, major events and medications.

One of my doctors once told me that one of the signs of being an adult is being able to discard some of the things our parents taught us.   Continue reading

A Love Stronger than Diamonds


I can’t believe you love me
I never thought you’d come
I guess I misjudged love
Between a father and his son
The Last Song, Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
(c) 1992 Big Pig Music, Ltd.

I once had a beautiful engagement ring.  I loved it because of the stories it told.  The stories began even before I received the ring.
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Happy New Year! I’m Still Standing–No more Playing it Safe

Happy New Year!

This is the first time in my life that I have felt hopeful about a new year starting.  I’ve never felt this way before.  2014 was such a difficult year for me, with so many changes, uncertainty and unexpected events.  2015 can only be better, right?  Even if it’s not, I’ve been through so much and not only survived, but persevered and thrived, that I know that no matter what life throws at me, I will be able to weather it.  Now that is a new feeling for me. Continue reading

The Biltmore: A real life Downton Abbey


It’s not a coincidence that the Biltmore Estate is going to mount an exhibit called “Dressing Downton” in March 2015.   The owners of the Biltmore, which is still in private hands and still run by members of the Vanderbilt family, are savvy when it comes to attracting tourists to their 175,000 square foot mansion/palace/castle/chateau.

Moreover, there are parallels between Downton Abbey, a fictional place and a fictional upper class/semi royal family, and the Biltmore, which is a real place owned by a real family of U.S. type royalty–the Vanderbilts.  Americans who can’t afford a trip to England to see Highclere Castle, the fictional home of the Crawley family, can visit the Biltmore instead.  I doubt anyone who visits the Biltmore is disappointed.

Let’s face it– we are all voyeurs.  We love to read about the rich and famous, whether real or fictional.  The Vanderbilts of Biltmore have all the required elements of a great story:  wealth, love, tragedy and mystery.   Continue reading

Irish Setter Discovers Cure for Depression


Elton John and Arthur, one of his many dogs

Who’ll walk me down to church when I’m 60 years of age
When the ragged dog they gave me has been ten years in the grave?
Sixty Years On—Bernie Taupin © 1969 Dick James Music Ltd.

Easy answer– get a new dog.

And no, an Irish setter did not discover a cure for depression.  It was a golden retriever.  Goldens are a lot smarter than setters.  Everyone knows that.   Continue reading

A Vagina with Legs


Flower petal or vagina?

The mother of invention made it good for me
Tighter in the rear
Longer in the seam
Kicked out yards of leather
Wrapped around her waist
Trimmed it to perfection
And left a little space
Since God Invented Girls, Bernie Taupin
(c) 1988 Big Pig Music

Is it Bajingo or Bazinga?

Vagina.   What a word. Three syllables.  Six letters.  But powerful. When I was growing up, you never, ever, ever, EVER said that word in public. We also didn’t talk about menstruation, usually, but sometimes we did. But we never EVER said the word vagina. Not even at slumber parties. And we certainly never said the word in front of members of the opposite sex. We never said the word penis either, for that matter, but that’s another story. Continue reading