A Good Christian Woman


to the tune of “Honky Tonk Women”

I met a Yale-bred lawyer down in Richmond
She tried to throw me underneath a bus
She told me that she’d pray for me on Sunday
She said didn’t smoke or drink or cuss


She’s a good Christian woman
Gimme, gimme,  gimme the hypocrite blues

The girl in HR said she couldn’t help me
The nemesis, she said, was here to stay
She offered me advice that I should follow
“If you see her coming, you should pray.”

The nemesis she sings in her church choir
But honesty don’t bother her too much
I wonder when she runs her colleagues over
Does she ever even feel the slightest bump?

She smiles like a giant Cheshire tabby
Her mouth is full of lies as well as gums
And when she stabs the minions in the backside
Onward Christian Soldiers she does hum

When she meets the GC she brings good news
She solved another problem; it’s no more
Of course she fails to mention to the GC
There really weren’t no problem there before.

(c) 2014 Renata Manzo

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