AT Boogie Pilgrim


I’m on the trail
I hike from south to north in a season
Up each hill and down each hill
I’m either too hot or cold or I’m freezing
Feels like I’m gonna make it
I’m gonna hike like a Boogie Pilgrim

Boogie Pilgrim
Hiking the AT
All kinds of weather
Down on the mail drops
Down on the side trails
Boogie Pilgrim
It never gets easy
No it never gets easy

My hike’s complete
I hiked the trail the way I wanted
Walking on the AT every day
Sometimes I pooped and sometimes I peed
And I took a shower when I needed
But my hair got dirty, dirty, so dirty
And the hiker funk always stayed with me
Just like Boogie Pilgrim

(c) 2014 Renata Manzo

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