Calico Skirt


Josie swept the cabin floor
Washed the windows
A new lock on the door
She burned the trash
All his stuff in one bag
She’ll be sorry about it
If the tongues start to wag

She wore a calico skirt
And a calico bonnet
She had a will of iron
With flowers upon it

The townfolk would watch her
As she rode down the street
Afraid to approach her
She had an awful mean streak
She’d buy the things
That she needed
Then head back to the farm
She liked that they feared her
It meant they’d do her no harm

Josie, what happened
The night of the twelfth
Did the old man leave you
Or is there something to tell
Winter’s not the season
To plow the fields under
What was the reason
The townfolk wonder

© 2014 Renata Manzo

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