Gone to Macy’s

to the tune of “Gone to Shiloh”, by Elton John

Marcie left them whining in the morning
Andrew and the baby waived good bye
They’re gonna have to make their lunch together
Grubby hands will see a clean wall quickly dyed

Gone to Macy’s for the weekend
Looking for bargains
In the right size
Gone to Macy’s
Hope springs eternal
When sales and coupons start to fly

The weekend’s come and the sale has just begun
They watched her Volvo head out toward the sun
She’s headed for a different kind of playdate
And her credit card will melt when she is done

Repeat Chorus

The silver sneakers eyed her with suspicion
Their steps were slow, their faces rather droll
They can’t wait for the friggin’ sale to be over
A quiet mall is how they like to roll

After all of this
If she hits the sales
Heaven help the mall
When Marcie sees percale

(c)  2014 Renata Manzo

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